Final event in Slovakia: How the Shared economy can change the automotive industry - current trends

The Slovak Business Agency (SBA), held 28th of February in Bratislava - Slovakia, an event under the name ''How the Shared economy can change the automotive industry - current trends'', that finished the SharEEN project in Slovakia, a pilot action financed by the European Parliament that promotes the collaborative business model in Europe.

The event was designed for organizations and entrepreneurs working in the field of shared economy, automotive as well as relevant stakeholders of given ecosystems in Slovakia. It has also created room for debate about new trends in sharing economy, automotive sector, current situation in Slovakia and worldwide as well.One of the main topic was to present results from the SharEEN project. As the SharEEN project was a pilot project in Slovakia and also in another EU countries the results of the project were very welcomed. 

Moreover, participants were eager to gain new information about future trends in the shared economy and automotive sector. Discussion took a place as stated topics are very popular in Slovakia.


Presentation of the project´s results

SBA team


Presentation and discussion of future trends


SharEEN is an European pilot project on “Opportunities for European Entrepreneurs in the Sharing Economy”, co-funded by the European Commission under the Call: 251-G-GRO-PPA-16-9953. Grant agreement SI2.763745. The objective of SharEEN is to identify and link-up with collaborative economy platforms, exchange experience with all relevant stakeholders and help European SMEs, social enterprises and other relevant actors to exploit the opportunities offered by the sharing economy.  In particular, the project aims at building knowledge and capacity among Enterprise Europe Network partners’ staff and other stakeholders on sharing economy, and help them define and deploy supporting services for their SMEs.


SharEEN map of regional sharing economy initiatives

The map is based on the results of the surveying activity carried out by the SharEEN project in 2018. It includes a brief geo-referenced description of a set of sharing economy initiatives, platforms and companies, operating in the eight European regions covered by the project.



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