The project

SharEEN specific objectives project are:

  • mapping, identify and select those European initiatives, SMEs and social enterprises, entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs with high-growth potential and ability to benefit from the shared economy based on an assessment of their needs and potential risks;
  • link-up and establish strong cooperation with existing or new collaborative economy initiatives at regional, national or EU level;
  • organize events to discuss the development of the collaborative economy in Europe and how to support it;
  • design and deliver face-to-face and online training and coaching/mentoring services focused on shared economy to the selected SMEs social enterprises, entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs and guide them on the strategy and approach to develop their business based on their specific needs;
  • connect companies/entrepreneurs and other relevant actors with the right support services by providing advisory services, innovation and internationalization services and signposting to specialised service providers.


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