Third local event in Poland - "The business of tomorrow - how the sharing economy affects our daily lives", 6th February 2020, Warsaw

During the last event organized by the Lublin Development Foundation we will be talking about:
- trends in sharing economy
- possibilities of supporting initiatives based on the sharing economy model
- project participants' success stories - case studies

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A video after "SHAREway2vent"



A video presenting interviews of the participants of "SHAREway2event" and at the same time the participants of sharing economy projects: "SharEEN" and "TouriSMEshare". 


AIN´s third regional event: SharEEN project

Next 20th February, AIN will hold the third regional event of the European SharEEN project in which our organization participates. The meeting will take place in the coworking space “La casa del reloj” in Tudela (Navarra) with a main objective: To present the results of the project, as well as its contribution to the participants.


For this, the event will feature some of the entrepreneurs who have received the support services in the SharEEN project framework who will tell us their experience in the project.

The session will be attended by both territorial representatives of the Navarra´s Government and entrepreneurs interested in Sharing Economy models.


Resultado de imagen de casa del reloj tudela


Communities and people sharing ideas and values


The third regional event of SHAREEN project in Emilia-Romagna is an event dedicated to communities.

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Veni,vidi, vici - Acro Bike a winner during "SHAREway2event" in Rome

Sharing economy is gaining in popularity every year. Sustainable economy, sharing, trust are the values on which this model is based. Sharing economy gives us access to services such as, for example, coworking offices or city bike systems. The best known companies operating in this area are Airbnb, BlaBlaCar or Uber, but there are also examples from the Polish market. Acro Bike company, whose founder is Magdalena Gromniak-Shi, decided to go one step further by setting up a system of city bikes without docking stations, which allows to leave your bike anywhere. The idea to try it came up during Magda's stay in China, where she observed how well the system works there. In Poland, just after the Netherlands and the Nordic countries, cycling is very popular and amounts to 70% compared to an EU average of 49%. These data encouraged to move the idea into the implementation phase.

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