Success stories of sharing economy initiatives taking part in our project

A Compendium of success stories  presents the examples of sharing economy initiatives that benefited by participating in SharEEN project. The compendium is based also on a video made during 2nd international event “SHAREway2event”, held on 7th- 8th November 2019. 



The compendium of success stories is available here

"CINEMA.TRAVEL" - an initiative internationalised by becoming a member of a European network for cinema tourism


We present the company operating in sharing economy area from Navarre in Spain, that thanks to our project support has gained international recognition and strengthens its activities abroad.

CINEMA.TRAVEL is a digital and collaborative platform. It is the first platform specialized on film tourism. Its main goal is to put the offer, which is already on the market, and the producers of cinema’s touristic products together.

CINEMA.TRAVEL offers cinema audience the opportunity to become protagonist of films by leaving active experiences in filming locations. CINEMA.TRAVEL puts in contact the film experience demand with film producers and tourism agents offer guaranting sustanaible tourism and new experiences.

From the very beginning their main purpose has always been to create a European network for the cinema tourism in order to define regulation of film tourism and the alignment with the objectives of tourism destinations.

Thanks to the SharEEN 2nd international event in Rome, AIN was able to put in contact Cinema travel with the cinema network launched under the LOOK_EU_NET project for the creation of a tourism and film destinations network in a smart and sustainable way.

CINEMA.TRAVEL  has been supported by SharEEN project in different moments. The initiative was identified under the mapping of regional initiatives and was contacted in order to be informed about the project and the services offered. The initiative took part in the online training course and received the coaching service for a better definition of its business model and financial structure. CINEMA.TRAVEL presented its initiative in the interantional event in Rome and PCCI SharEEN partner identified the opportunity behind the LOOK_EU_NET project.


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3rd event in Lublin (Poland) - "The business of tomorrow - how the sharing economy affects our daily lives"

The last local event organized by Lublin Development Foundation (LDF) was held on 6th in Warsaw.

The main goal of the event was tosummarize the project implementation and present the project’s participants success stories and case studies. During the meeting there were presented the trends in sharing economy, innovative business model for start-ups and possibilities of supporting initiatives based on the sharing economy model.

The event started with a summary of the objectives, activities and results of the SharEEN project. Then the innovation "on demand" - trends in sharing the economy - was presented. Two project participants then presented their case studies/success stories, including experiences from the "SHAREway2event" conference and B2B meetings in Rome in 2019. The final part of the event was a panel discussion with the participation of invited experts and stakeholders. The main topic was how to support the economy of sharing. It was an opportunity to collect and exchange experiences presented from different points of view (start ups and business , administration, science). Thanks to the invited representative of the "SharON" project, there was able to share with the audience another method of supporting initiatives in the field of shared economy, including the model of the acceleration program.


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SharEEN is an European pilot project on “Opportunities for European Entrepreneurs in the Sharing Economy”, co-funded by the European Commission under the Call: 251-G-GRO-PPA-16-9953. Grant agreement SI2.763745. The objective of SharEEN is to identify and link-up with collaborative economy platforms, exchange experience with all relevant stakeholders and help European SMEs, social enterprises and other relevant actors to exploit the opportunities offered by the sharing economy.  In particular, the project aims at building knowledge and capacity among Enterprise Europe Network partners’ staff and other stakeholders on sharing economy, and help them define and deploy supporting services for their SMEs.


SharEEN map of regional sharing economy initiatives

The map is based on the results of the surveying activity carried out by the SharEEN project in 2018. It includes a brief geo-referenced description of a set of sharing economy initiatives, platforms and companies, operating in the eight European regions covered by the project.



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