"Boosting the Sharing Economy" Local event Gran Canaria

 At the meeting, dynamic and participatory, numerous entrepreneurs, and associations of the Islands have met to share their experiences and the challenges facing this model of consumption.


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The ITC, pursues with this action put on the map the different collaborative economy initiatives operating in the Islands and identify their needs, with the ultimate goal to support their development, providing advice and proposals for concrete improvements.

The collaborative economy makes its way into new markets and its rapid growth is due, above all, to the empowerment of the connected citizen as a provider of goods and services. Access to the internet and the use of the smartphone has favored communities of individuals, connected through a platform, to interact to offer and consume products on demand, obtaining a mutual benefit for both parties.

This model of consumption fostered by the new communication technologies facilitates a new model of entrepreneurship, while opening new paths for the traditional business. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the collaborative use of the economy in the different sectors and supporting new proposals arising in the region, are the objective of the workshops held in Tenerife and Gran Canaria at the initiative of ITC.

At the meeting held on Thursday, September 27, in the center of entrepreneurship Palet Express-Cajasiete, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, several successful initiatives were presented: ReStation and CoworkingC offer common spaces for coworking and coliving, to facilitate the experience in Canary Islands as a destination chosen by professionals, travelers and digital nomads; miPlaza promotes neighborhood life through an App that connects neighbors and encourages their participation in community projects; Currency Demos emerges as an alternative currency to the euro for use in transactions of goods or services between members of a community, such as a barter; Canarias eBook is the proposal of crowdfunding offered by the Canarian publishing house to authors of the Islands to self-publish their work.


Descripción: https://www.shareen.eu/images/ITC%20SHAREEN/CanariaseBook.jpg


The SharEEN project is a pilot action funded by the European Parliament and supported by the European network for boosting business competitiveness, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), with the aim of guiding and advising collaborative service providers so that they can take advantage the opportunities offered by this powerful ecosystem of consumers, responding to the European legal framework.








SharEEN is an European pilot project on “Opportunities for European Entrepreneurs in the Sharing Economy”, co-funded by the European Commission under the Call: 251-G-GRO-PPA-16-9953. Grant agreement SI2.763745. The objective of SharEEN is to identify and link-up with collaborative economy platforms, exchange experience with all relevant stakeholders and help European SMEs, social enterprises and other relevant actors to exploit the opportunities offered by the sharing economy.  In particular, the project aims at building knowledge and capacity among Enterprise Europe Network partners’ staff and other stakeholders on sharing economy, and help them define and deploy supporting services for their SMEs.


SharEEN map of regional sharing economy initiatives

The map is based on the results of the surveying activity carried out by the SharEEN project in 2018. It includes a brief geo-referenced description of a set of sharing economy initiatives, platforms and companies, operating in the eight European regions covered by the project.



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