The third regional event of Plovdiv CCI was held in Plovdiv on November 26, 2019



The third regional event within SharEEN project was held in Plovdiv on November 26, 2019. It was organized by Plovdiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry - a SharEEN project partner from Bulgaria.

The topic of the training session was: How digital marketing tools can help our sharing economy initiatives via Internet.

The event was intended for sharing economy representatives and entrepreneurs.


The speakers presented the following main issues: - Social networks and their impact, - Online advertising for Facebook and Google, - Successful types of Facebook and Instagram ads, - What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO),- How we can position our website/platform in the forefront of Google, - Content marketing, - Examples of most influential sharing economy platforms, etc.


Then a presentation of SharEEN project activities and results followed.

In conclusion, Mr. Stefan Stavrev from TRI Soft Ltd, who took part in the SHAREway2eventin Rome, was invited to demonstrate the company platform to the audience.


All participants have been kindly asked to take part in the online training, as well as in the coaching & mentoring services provisioning within SharEEN project.


SharEEN partners meeting in Rome and international event "SHAREway2event"

On 6th November we had our meeting in Rome summarizing the results of our work so far. Next 2 days we participated with our clients in the event " SHAREway2event"which aim was  to promote debate on the development of sharing economy and the exchange of practices and knowledge in this field.

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Conference + B2B "SHAREway2event"

  SHAREway2event promotes the opportunities and the functioning of Sharing Economy

  and fosters partnerships among EU collaborative platforms.

  7 Nov 2019 - 8 Nov 2019 ROME, Italy


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Sharing Economy: Business models and innovative platforms

22 November 2019  Ariha Hotel - Rende (CS) ITALY

The event is organized in three sessions. In the first the SharEEN Project is presented, in the second general aspects of the sharing economy are discussed and, finally, in the third specific cases are presented directly by those directly involved.
Event program
14.30 The SharEEN Project 
15.00 Use vs property: business models and possible distortions  
15.45 Innovative platforms for the sharing economy  
16.15 Sharing Economy experiences in Calabria
  Creative Interactions 

Arca de Babel Coworking space

The SharEEN team from the Canary Islands had the chance to visit the coworking space @ArcadeBabel Thank you for sharing your collaborative projects with us! Do you want to know more about them? Info: